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Energy Efficient

LED bulbs use up to 90% less power

Outstanding Long Life

Approx 50,000 hours of usage

Design Flexibility

LED's can be combined into any shape

LED Lightbulbs

LED lighting is an efficient way of providing lighting solutions that work with the needs of modern homes and businesses. The longevity of LED bulbs, coupled with their energy-efficiency, make them an economically and environmentally sound choice. LED lightbulbs are recyclable and don’t contain the toxins found in fluorescent bulbs. Their low energy requirements also make them ideal for use with a solar electricity system.

LED lightbulbs are impressively durable- unlike fragile conventional bulbs which can be accidentally broken alarmingly easily, LED lightbulbs are sturdy and can cope with heat variations, vibrations, even unpleasant weather if you want to use them for outside lighting. In a wide range of styles you can fit your lighting to your needs, and increasingly bulbs are dimmable which further increases your choice of lighting effects.

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Selection of lights
  • LB-9
  • COB lighting 6w 02
  • Downlight
  • LB-2 lighting
  • TFL710 Bridgelux
Average savings of £66 per year by switching 12 light bulbs to LED's in your home...that's the same as almost 2 tanks of fuel!

The Benefits of LED Lights

  • 6 x more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • LED bulbs are cool to touch
  • Up to 50,000 hours of use from 1 x bulb
  • Annual savings by changing to LED

How much could you save?

The main savings in LED lighting stem from the difference in operating method. A conventional bulb creates heat as well as light- up to 80% of its energy use is to make unneeded heat. LED bulbs reverse those maths and use around 80% of their energy as light. It has been estimated that if you replace 12 conventional bulbs with LEDs you will save around £66 a year without any loss of brightness.

Running a light for 8 hours a day it will take approximately 20 years before you need to replace your LED lightbulbs, potentially saving you a significant amount.

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